Amazon’s Amp App Launches a Creator Fund to Reward Engaging Shows

Amazon’s Amp app is launching a new creator fund that is designed to reward creators who create engaging shows and build loyal audiences. A spokesperson from Amazon told TechCrunch that Amp has allocated “millions of dollars” to pay creators through monthly rewards but didn’t provide an exact figure. The company says the range of payments for each creator varies based on different factors and that the number of creators it rewards each month may change.

A portion of the money may be paid out to eligible creators who have aired a program in a qualifying month. The success of a show, as well as listener engagement levels, such as show popularity with new and returning listeners, will be taken into account when determining payments. Amazon says it is considering various methods for rewarding creators, so the criteria used to determine payouts could change over time.

You must be 18 years or older to receive rewards from the creator fund. If you are 13-17 years old, then a parent or guardian needs to accept the app’s terms of service and set up a payment account for you. Amazon will take a 30% cut of creator fund payouts, similar to the revenue share it takes from other areas of its business.

The launch of Amazon’s creator fund comes as the company is facing increased competition in the live radio streaming space. Amazon’s Amp app competes against a number of popular services, such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify. Amazon has been investing heavily in its music offerings in recent years and is looking to make a bigger splash in the live radio market. The creator fund is one way that Amazon is trying to lure creators away from its rivals and build up a repertoire of exclusive shows.


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