Doug DeMuro: The Best Car Reviewer on YouTube You’ve Never Heard Of

Doug DeMuro: The Best Car Reviewer You’ve Never Heard Of

Doug DeMuro is no stranger to the world of cars. He’s been obsessed with them since he was a child, and his YouTube channel is filled with in-depth reviews of all kinds of vehicles. From luxury cars to budget models, Doug has something to say about every kind of car on the market.

Apparently, he does this well enough that his YouTube channel has more than 1.65 billion views and close to 4.5 million subscribers. Now that’s what you call a popular YouTube channel.

But Doug didn’t start out as a car reviewer. In fact, he was a writer and editor for the popular car publication’s blog Oversteer. He then left that job in 2020 to launch his own business: an online auction site for buying and selling cars called Cars & Bids. Though he joined YouTube back in 2013, it wasn’t until he left his job at Autotrader and start making car review videos that his channel started to take off.

So, why is it popular? One reason is that this isn’t some random guy. He actually does the research about each car he features. He talks about the brand, the history of the vehicle, and the specific specs of each car. And he test drives these cars, so he can also talk about the driving experience. It’s not all about the paper specs.

And don’t expect some talk full of jargon, either. Doug talks like you’re a regular person, so he explains the various aspects of a car in terms that a regular person might understand. You don’t have to be a gearhead or a car junkie to understand what he’s saying.

He’s direct and straightforward in his approach, and he sure is honest. He’ll tell you about the various features, and point out the stuff that he likes or doesn’t like about each car. He’s honest enough to admit that he likes certain cars even when he also points out some of their glaring failures. He’s not there to hype up a car—we all know how some car salespeople can be just annoying, right?

Watch the videos if you’re looking for a car to buy. Or just watch the videos, period. These videos are informative enough to expand your knowledge, and they’ll appeal to folks who are just plain interested in cars. And even if you aren’t all that interested in cars, you just might be after watching these videos. Doug talks with humor and forthright knowledge, and you might realize that cars are just fun!

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