From Nervous Newbies to Fearless Flyers: Yes Theory Crew Takes the 20,000-Foot Leap of Faith!

From Ground Zero to Cloud Nine: A First-Timer's Sky-high Leap of Faith

In a world where humans have always dreamed of flying, the Yes Theory group has taken this aspiration to new heights. Literally. In their latest video titled “World’s Most Dangerous First Skydive (20,000ft/6,000m)”, they embark on a daring adventure that pushes the boundaries of fear and discomfort.

The video begins with a history lesson, reminding us that the first recorded human flight happened in 875 when Abbas Ibn Firnas designed a glider made of wood, silk, and bird feathers. Fast forward over a thousand years, and we’ve refined the design to build the modern wingsuit, allowing skilled skydivers to glide through the air like birds.

Enter Stefan, the newest member of the Yes Theory group and a man terrified of heights. The group, known for their hypothesis that facing fears and seeking discomfort leads to life’s greatest experiences, decided to test this theory on Stefan. They tricked him into believing they were going to meet Nicolas Cage on a film set in Switzerland. Little did he know, the real surprise was a skydive from the top of Europe at 19,000 feet.

The video takes us through Stefan’s journey, from the initial shock of the surprise to the preparation process. Despite his fear, Stefan is reassured that he will be a co-pilot and is walked through the process. The team has special permission to land and take off from a specific spot, and they will be jumping out of a helicopter at 13,000 feet with supplemental oxygen.

The video is not just about the skydive, but also about the transformation that comes with facing one’s fears. Stefan is encouraged to control his breath to manage discomfort, a technique that is part of their meditation package on Headspace. This package includes videos, meditations, and journaling prompts, and is available for a 60-day free trial with the code “seek discomfort 60”.

The climax of the video is the wingsuit flight itself. Stefan, along with his co-pilot, performs acrobatics in the air, using oxygen masks. Despite his initial fear, Stefan ultimately feels free and blissful, embodying the group’s mantra of seeking discomfort to experience life’s greatest moments.

The video ends on a high note, with Stefan successfully completing the flight and expressing his newfound appreciation for skydiving. It’s a testament to the power of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and embracing the unknown.

So, if you’re looking for a thrilling watch that combines history, adventure, and personal growth, this video is a must-see. And who knows? It might just inspire you to take a leap of faith of your own.

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