iJustine: Influential Female Creator with a Passion for Tech and Lifestyle

Meet iJustine- Influential Female Creator with a Passion for Tech and Lifestyle

Justine Ezarik, more popularly known as iJustine, is one of the most influential female creators in the tech and lifestyle space. With over 7 million subscribers on YouTube, Justine has built a following by engaging her audience with her passion for technology and all things stylish.

A Streamy Award winner, Justine has also been featured in magazines like Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 and Time Most 100 list. She has worked with some of the biggest brand partners, like Google, Microsoft, BMW, Sony, Intel, Microsoft, P&G, Starbucks, and SAMSUNG, amongst others.

iJustine (aka Justine Ezarik)

Amazing how creators like Justine can take their passion and turn it into a career that is not only successful but also inspiring to others. If you’re looking for someone to keep up with the latest trends in tech and lifestyle, Justine is your girl!

Our team gawks at her videos weekly (and sometimes daily), and we can’t get enough of iJustine’s infectious personality. iJustine isn’t afraid to show her goofy side, and we love her for it.

Our Favorite iJustine Vids

Here are our top three favorite vids from Justine Ezarik (in no particular order):

Her first look vid on the Rivian R1S SUV – Justine tests driving Rivian’s new SUV and provide an in-depth yet relatable evaluation of the vehicle. Justine takes us on a tour of all the features that set this SUV apart while traveling with her sister to Yosemite National Park in their new vehicle. Feels real and authentic – like Justine is just talking to us, the viewer.

The expert video review of Sony Inzone, the newest gaming accessories collection from Sony. The M9 Monitor, H3, and H9 headphones are reviewed by iJustine. She demonstrated how it works in practice and what to expect. We’re not big gamers, but after watching Justine’s vid, we’re more interested in learning more about it.

Her latest unboxing of the all-new Apple MacBook Air M2, midnight color with a dash of blue! iJustine notes, “It seems like a squished version of the MacBook Pro.” She took it further by editing one of her vid using Final Cut Pro on the new MacBook Air M2 and was blown away with its ‘performance.’

So, whether you’re into tech or not, it’s hard not to admire Justine Ezarik for her passion and creativity – go check out her channel, iJustine!

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