Jenn Im: From Suburban LA Kid to Fashion Designer and YouTube Star

Jenn Im: From Suburban LA Kid to Fashion Designer and YouTube Star

Have you ever seen the Jenn Im YouTube channel? Well, three-plus million people have seen Jenn Im because that is how many subscribers she has. Jenn is a Korean-American fashion designer who started making videos when she was just 18 years old.

Yes, it’s a lifestyle vlog about Jenn Im and her life but Jenn also gives advice, tips, and tutorials about fashion and style. Jenn talks about all sorts of topics – from motherhood to fashion design – on her YouTube channel.

What makes her show so interesting is that Jenn Im is relatable. Jenn isn’t some untouchable fashion icon; she’s a regular person who just happens to be very stylish and knows a lot about fashion.

And she’s also a mother, by the way. Plus, she just turned 30, but she still looks like she’ll be carded if she ever asks for a drink at a bar. And even if she does give out her ID, not everyone will believe that she’s 30 years old (and a mother to boot).

Jenn Im actually started out her YouTube channel way back in 2010, and that would make her 18 years old at the time. She basically grew up on YouTube, with her subscribers following her every step as she became a true, full-fledged adult. Her channel grew to about 2.4 million subscribers, and now she has almost 3.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Her videos are all about her life, with a focus on fashion, makeup, food (eating and cooking), and relationship advice. It’s not surprising that she’s super-popular, as she comes across as honest and warm, without that patronizing attitude that you might come across online every now and then. She talks as if she’s addressing her old friends, and with some of her subscribers, that’s actually literally true.

She shares her opinions and advice on a wide range of topics, with a lot of shared humor that you’d enjoy regardless of your age, gender, and even culture. She’s just so authentic, with none of the fakenesses that some others might show off. It’s this genuine warmth and regard for her viewers that’s hard to deny, and it’s really very attractive.

All in all, you’ll find Jenn Im a wonderful personality. Her videos aren’t just informative, but it’s like messages from a good friend that you’ve had for years!

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