Mark Rober Did It Again, GlitterBomb 4 Massive Scam Call Centers In India

Mark Rober Did It Again, GlitterBomb 4 Massive Scam Call Center In India

Mark Rober, known for his popular science videos on YouTube, has struck again. This time, he is going after a scam call center in India. He has made a new video in which he pranks four massive call centers using different contraptions he made.

Scam callers are people who try to trick you into giving them your money or personal information. They can be very convincing, and they often use high-pressure tactics to get what they want.

Rober’s latest video is a continuation of his efforts to bring awareness to the problem of scam callers. In the past, he has created videos in which he has pretended to be a scammer himself, and he has also created a device that can track down the location of a scammer’s call center.

This time, he uses glitter bombs, stink bombs, and other creative devices to make life difficult for the scammers. The results are hilarious, and they serve as a reminder that we should all be on the lookout for these types of scams.

The first one is a bottle with a stink bomb inside it, which will make the caller’s place smell really bad. The second one is a box full of cock roaches, which will obviously freak the caller out. The third one is a glitter bomb, which will make the place covered in glitter. And lastly, he sent them a package full of rats.

Check out the vid, it’s hilarious!

Thanks Mark Rober for teaching these scammers a lesson and giving us a good laugh!

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