Mark Rober, the NASA Engineer Turned YouTube Superstar

Mark Rober, the NASA Engineer Turned YouTube Superstar

Lifestyle creators are a dime a dozen on YouTube, but foodie and travel vloggers like Mark Wein and Sunny from Best Ever Food Review Show have amassed million-strong followings by trying out new dishes in exotic locations. These brave hosts make for fun watching, and some of them have even become superstars with nearly 10 million subscribers. Mark Rober, however, is in a league of his own.

A real nerd and proud of it, Rober spent nearly a decade as a NASA engineer working on the Curiosity Rover at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He then went on to spend several years at Apple, where he came up with patents involving Virtual Reality in self-driving cars.

This unassuming guy is also a true YouTube superstar with 22 million subscribers to his channel. He was voted the STEM Personality of the Year award by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and the Institution also gave him an Honorary Fellowship.

What he does with his videos is to make science and engineering fun, and that’s no small thing. Fashion, food, and travel are always interesting, but your old teachers in high school and college may have turned you off from the subject. Mark gets you interested in science once again, with his fascinating coverage of various science topics and DIY projects.

He answers various questions in his live classes, including the ancient puzzle of why the sky is blue. He can explain things that you may have wondered about before, such as why helium makes your voice higher or of farting makes you weigh less. He even tested whether sharks can really smell a drop of blood (and yes, it’s an overblown exaggeration).

Heck, there’s even a video on how to survive a 5-mile fall without a parachute. Though this isn’t probably something you’d want to try out for yourself, check out his videos and you’ll realize what you’ve missed from all those science classes!

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