Navigating Life In New York City And Entrepreneurship With Michelle Choi

Living in New York City Alone: Navigating Life And Entrepreneurship With Michelle Choi

Do you remember when there was a time when a lot of people were worried about their online privacy? But for some others, that’s not an issue at all. After all, if regular folks can become famous in various reality TV shows, then it’s certainly doable with YouTube.

And that’s what Michelle Choi has done with her excellently produced videos on her YouTube channel. She’s a South Korean in her 20s who studied at a university back home, and now she’s in New York living it up. She launched her first video way back in 2017, and now in 2022, she has amassed more than 1.7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She even has a fashion line, LittlePuffy, which she launched in 2019. In some of her videos, she’d show the shirts and other fashion items from that line.

But this isn’t really a commercial YouTube channel. It’s more like a video diary. It shows all her issues in all their messy glory, and you can’t help how genuine everything feels in what she shows. Michelle doesn’t just film regular stuff like makeup, fashion choices, and food options. She also videos her various experiences such as burnout.

It’s very easy to empathize with Michelle, and that’s not just because she’s gorgeous. It’s not really so much of a “fish out of water” experience, either. It’s just that she’s so real, and it feels like you have a friend you can watch over. Also, even though she might be South Korean (or even a young lady, for that matter), many of her issues are relevant to the rest of us.

Add the superb quality of her videos, and everything’s great. The videos feel professionally produced, yet that doesn’t detract from the authenticity of the feelings and information she imparts. Michelle is a great friend to add to your online gang!

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