Ryan Trahan: 10.5 Million Subscribers and Counting for His Crazy Challenges

Ryan Trahan: 10.5 Million Subscribers and Counting for His Crazy Challenges

People make a big deal about reality shows, but what they really appreciate are the absurd situations that these people get into. It’s why people such as the Kardashians, Jenners, and the Osbournes became super popular, along with such “celebrities” as the contestants on Big Brother and Survivor, and then there’s Octomom.

And then, there’s also Ryan Trahan, who’s got an astounding 10.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He started out making videos on sports and running, and his channel was popular enough among running enthusiasts. But it wasn’t until he started out in doing totally crazy challenges that got his popularity booming.

The prime example of this is his “one penny” challenge. The rules are just plain weird, as he starts out with a penny that he can, of course, trade. He can also work odd jobs to supplement his income, as obviously, he’s got to eat.

This simple (yet totally strange) set of stipulations started out as a 3-day challenge, and now it has become a series of viral events. The challenges include earning enough to buy a house and survive 30 days. Watching these videos can make you realize how surreal life can be if you really think about it.

But there’s more. There are challenges in surviving just on Bitcoin, and also sensory deprivation challenges that last for days. Imagine that—nothing to see or hear for days. Sometimes he just indulges in spending 100 days in Grand Theft Auto, racing strangers in the airport, and highballing (or even lowballing) people on Facebook Market.

It does seem goofy, but it works. The penny challenges alone brought in more than 2 million subscribers over the last 2 months, and it just shows how people are always curious for unique things. Ryan here certainly isn’t one of the regular folks—his thinking is just too weird!

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