Sailing La Vagabonde: Australian Couple Documenting Their Journey Traveling the World by Sail Boat

Sailing La Vagabonde- Australian Couple Documenting Their Journey Traveling the World by Sail - Food

In 2014, Australian couple Riley and Elayna from the Sailing La Vagabonde YouTube channel set out to sail around the world with no previous sailing experience. They had never sailed before, but that didn’t stop them from embarking on an epic journey that has taken them across the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific oceans.

Along the way, they filmed their journey and uploaded the videos onto their YouTube channel. Sailing La Vagabonde has now amassed over a million subscribers and is one of the most popular sailing channels on YouTube.

We’re stunned by our land-lubber ways, but man, do we admire their courage and tenacity.

Sailing La Vagabonde

We can’t help but be impressed by Riley and Elayna’s journey. They set out with no sailing experience and have since sailed across some of the world’s most treacherous waters. Their YouTube channel, Sailing La Vagabonde, documents their journey and has amassed a large following of fans who are eager to see what they’ll do next.

Over 1.8 million subscribers tuned in to watch them cross the Atlantic Ocean, and over 300 million watched as they crossed the Mediterranean. But their biggest challenge came when they attempted to sail around Cape Horn. This is one of the most dangerous sailing routes in the world and is known for its strong winds and large waves.

What’s also fascinating about Riley and Elayna is that they’re raising their two young sons on the boat as well. They homeschool them and spend their days exploring different parts of the world.

Riley and Elayna are digital creators inspiring others to live a life of adventure. Do what you love, and don’t let anything hold you back.

If you’re looking for some wanderlust inspiration, check out Riley and Elayna’s YouTube channel.

Sailing La Vagabonde- Australian Couple Documenting Their Journey Traveling the World by Sail

Our Favorite Vids of Sailing La Vagabonde

Here’s a list of our favorite videos from Sailing La Vagabonde. If you’re new to their channel, start with these vids:

Curious to know what they eat on a boat? Watch this:

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sail around the world? This video will give you an idea on what they grub on out in the big blue. I don’t know about your eats, but looks delicious!

Here’s a gut-rancher’s video on a storm that caught them off guard in the Caribbean in the middle of the night. They thought for sure they were going under.

And here’s a vid about raising their two children on a boat. Talk about an unconventional childhood! But that’s what life is all about, right? Breaking the mold.

Talk about a wild ride! You can see how intense it gets around the minute mark. They make it look like a piece of cake, but I know from experience that it ain’t no joke out there on the open water.

“Just another day sailing around the world.” Yeah right!

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