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Do you know of an event that would be perfect for the Public Riot community? We want to hear from you! Our platform thrives on unique, exciting, and unforgettable experiences, and who better to suggest these than our community of thrill-seekers and fun enthusiasts? Whether it’s a secret underground rave, an exclusive art exhibit, a wild outdoor adventure, or an unusual social gathering, we welcome all your suggestions.

As long as it meets a certain standard, we are open to considering it. No shitty events, please! We want to maintain the high-quality curation that our community has come to expect from us.

We DO NOT promote events that promote hate, discrimination or any illegal activities. Our goal is to provide a platform for inclusive and enjoyable experiences for all.

IMPORTANT ::: Please review our Event Terms of Service before submitting your event. Submitting your event confirms that you have read and agreed to the terms.

How to Submit Your Event

Submitting an event is easy. Simply send us the details via email at Include as much information as possible: event name, date, location, a brief description, and any links or promotional materials. We’ll review your submission, and if it aligns with our mission of providing extraordinary experiences, we’ll feature it on our platform.

Why Suggest an Event?

By suggesting an event, you’re helping to enrich our community with diverse and exciting activities. Plus, you get the inside scoop on upcoming events that match your interests. Your contributions help ensure that Public Riot remains the ultimate destination for those seeking the best experiences out there.

Got a fantastic event in mind? Don’t keep it to yourself—tell us about it and join the riot of amazing experiences!

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