The Bearded Butchers: Watch These Two Brothers Butcher Wild Game and Teach You How to Cook It Like a Pro

The Bearded Butchers

If you’re an outdoorsman, you’ll want to check out The Bearded Butchers on YouTube. These two brothers are talented butchers who grew up hunting and harvesting all types of wild game. They now own Whitefeather Meats in Creston, Ohio, where they give everyone a front-to-back tour of their family butcher shop. If you’ve never been to Whitefeather Meats or wonder what goes on behind the scenes, this is your chance to find out!

The Bearded Butchers’ YouTube channel is packed with, you guessed it, videos of the brothers butchering all sorts of meats. They also have how-to videos, product reviews, and even a few cooking demos. But my favorite part is watching them tour their shop and explain everything that goes into running a successful family business.

Millions of subscribers, 1.13M to be exact, tune in every week to watch the Perkins brothers as they go about their day-to-day operations. What started out as a way to show family and friends what they do has turned into a full business, with The Bearded Butchers selling everything from T-shirts to spices.

What makes The Bearded Butchers so interesting is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re always joking around and making the butchering process look fun (and it is, sort of). But at the same time, they’re deadly serious about their craft and take pride in providing their customers with the best possible product.

Wanna learn how to skin a deer? These are your guys. Need to know the difference between a chuck roast and a rump roast? The Bearded Butchers have you covered. And if you’re ever in Creston, Ohio, be sure to stop by Whitefeather Meats for some of the best meat around. You might even get to meet The Bearded Butchers themselves!

These aren’t the type of guys who like delicate food from strange exotic lands, paired with some nice wine. And don’t even think about vegetarian or vegan options. You can just imagine their reactions to such heresies.

No, these brothers are all about meat. They’ll teach you the differences between various kinds of wagyu beef and how to prepare deer SPAM and hotdog meat at home, as well as how to butcher a bison if that’s your thing (although there are videos on more practical subjects like chicken butchery).

This is not really for urban condo-dwellers unless they’re into fantasizing about living rough and cooking their own meals. But there’s a certain kind of freedom to these guys, who are unabashedly meat lovers. They’re proud of their way of life, and they should be. Manly men might seem toxic to some, but the food they showcase is just absolutely delicious!

Whether you’re an outdoorsman or just curious about where your meat comes from, be sure to check out The Bearded Butchers. You won’t be disappointed!


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