Trevor James, better known as The Food Ranger: A Master of Asian Street Food Vlogging

Trevor James, better known as The Food Ranger: A Master of Asian Street Food Vlogging

There are two types of food vloggers on YouTube. There are the ones who focus on fast-food joints in their neighborhoods, and then there are the ones like The Food Ranger, who zigzags all over Asia and other parts of the world for the most interesting street foods.

Trevor James, aka The Food Ranger, is a master of food vlogging. He grew up in Calgary but moved to China during his 2nd year at the University of British Columbia to pursue his dream of trying all those fantastic dishes in exotic, far-off places. And he’s still at it!

He loves Chinese food, and he especially adores street food. It’s because street food for him is much more authentic. It’s made for the regular folks who live in the area, and they’re not some fancy concoction made for the tourists.

He’s now based in Malaysia, and even the Covid pandemic didn’t stop him. Sure, air travel wasn’t allowed. But he used this opportunity to crisscross the 16 states and regions of Malaysia to try out the various street food offerings.

Now that the pandemic is slowing down, The Food Ranger is sure going all out. In his more recent videos, he has featured the street foods of Italy, Bali, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jakarta, India, and Turkey.

He’s not just focusing on regular street food, but also the more “extreme” examples, including the biggest donner in the world, shawarmas that weigh 100 kilograms, and “Golden Billionaire” burgers.

Is it any wonder why The Food Ranger has close to 5.5 million subscribers? With videos like these, you’ll sate your curiosity regarding street food from halfway around the world. It might even make just hop on a plane to try them yourself!

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