ZHC Customizing a Boat for MrBeast While Floating in a Lake

ZHC Customizing a Boat for MrBeast While Floating in a Lake

ZHC, also known as Zach Hsieh, is a YouTuber who is known for his creative and interesting art and illustration videos. Recently, he has taken on a new challenge – customizing a boat for MrBeast while floating in a lake.

As we all know, drawing on a boat is no easy feat. The wind, the blistering sun, the rocking of the waves – it’s all enough to make you seasick. But ZHC is determined to finish this project in 50 hours, no matter what the conditions are like.

The vid is nearly 20 minutes long and you can see just how hard it is for ZHC to keep the boat steady while he works. But he doesn’t give up, and even when MrBeast makes a few demands that make the task even harder, ZHC doesn’t back down.

Not going to lie, but we skip ahead to the end of the video to see how it all turns out. And we have to say, it looks pretty sick! ZHC drew an almost full-sized MrBeast dragon on the front of the boat and it’s one impressive piece of art.

MrBeast is clearly stoked with the results, and ZHC can finally rest easy knowing that he’s completed another one of his challenges.

Let’s watch it.

In the end, we’re sure that ZHC will finish this project and create an amazing piece of art for MrBeast. But we’re also pretty sure that he’ll be exhausted, sunburnt, and maybe a little bit seasick.

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